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Tribute to a New Beginning: 2022

With the recent ‘Wolf Moon’ on the night of the 17th of January, these two mockups mark Nick’s tribute to this new beginning: ‘Reach’ holding the Wolf Moon in its palms, and ‘Howl,’ well, doing exactly what it says on the tin…

Digital mockup for abstract sculpture 'Reach,' cradling the full moon within its palms.
‘Reach’ is inspired by the natural forms of split kindling, and was named by Nick’s son, James.
‘Howl’ is being reworked and rebuilt at full scale in Nick’s garden studio this year.

Stay tuned for more updates to come

‘Howl’ – Exhibited 1994

Pictures of an early work ‘Howl’ can be seen here.

The garden during Helfa Gelf

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During the month of September I displayed my work in the garden in Cilcain.

Attached is a slideshow of the pieces on display for Helfa Gelf.

All photos © David Allen 2013