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Showing in Theatr Clwyd

From next Monday I will be displaying a collection of my small pieces at Theatre Clwyd in Mold, North Wales.  They will be for sale at the theatre. I will post pictures and a list of what is available in the next few days.

The Ferryman:- shown by kind permission of David Allen. Photo © David Allen and Nick Eames



The Welsh Dragon

If you are interested in having a bronze of Ddraig Goch made, you can message me via the contacts page.

Ddraig Goch

Ddraig Goch

A memorial for the miners of North Wales?

North Wales has had a long history in the mining of coal, lead, copper and other minerals.

photo © David Allen 2013


The garden during Helfa Gelf

During the month of September I displayed my work in the garden in Cilcain. So here is a gallery of the pieces on display for Helfa Gelf. Some will have featured already on my web site others perhaps not as yet. Click on the thumbnails to see the pictures.

all photos © David Allen 2013

Ddraig Goch

Bronze maquette commissioned by Margaret Clement-Evans.

Full sized version proposed for suitable site in Wales.

Welsh Dragon -With a model figure to show proposed scale of the final version.

Welsh Dragon --2


Jade Jones statue

This is the final version of the maquette of Jade Jones Taekwondo Olympic Champion 2012. I propose an over life sized version for a suitable site.

Jade Jones-Jade

Unilever Dragon Fly

Past commission 1994

Commissioned for Unilever Environmental Centre, Port Sunlight

All images © Nick Eames