My Proposal for Flint Castle & Waterfront


Following the cancellation of the ‘Iron Ring’ sculpture for Flint Castle, this is my proposal should such funding become available again. The sculpture is entitled ‘Silver Bird,’ and would be constructed in stainless steel tubing. It is derived from my original piece, ‘The Gull’ – development of which is visible on this site.

My intention is to have this sculpture built by – and with the backing of – one of the major Flint steel construction companies. The object of this would be to bring investment into Flint & Deeside, as opposed to it being outsourced.



Feline Fine

A happy customer enjoys my progress on ‘Teulu.’

Cat Hiding Hole

Cilcain Community Garden


Over the summer, members of the community worked together to convert the old school yard (adjacent to the Village Hall) into a shared area: Functioning as both a peaceful garden in which to reflect and pause for breath – and also a warm, inviting space to welcome visitors and locals alike.

It was agreed that this Garden would serve as the ideal location for my sculpture ‘Buddies’ – originally intended for the local primary school, Ysgol-Y-Foel. When walking through the village on their way to visit St. Mary’s church, or the Millenium Woods, the pupils are encouraged to ‘buddy up,’ and this was the inspiration for the piece.

The Garden is a tribute to much loved Community member David Johnson, one of the key figures in the regeneration of the Village Hall. A quotation from Victor Hugo can be seen on the wall.

The Garden itself was designed by local landscape architect Simon Richards, and was project managed by committee members Valerie Thompson and Phil Higgins.


A Dragon for Flint.

The Dragon is intended to be a monumental steel drawing in space, the symbol of Welsh pride, through which, though not obscured by, the Castle ruins can be seen. A lasting imposing trace of the weight of history. My desire is that they balance and acknowledge that this is a nation for all it’s citizens.

IMG-20171025-WA0002 (2)IMG-20171025-WA0002

And to give an idea of the possible scale.


For the future?

Ideas for sculptures in the landscape.

WP_20171025_107 (2)WP_20171025_111 (3)

A collection of Maquettes

This collection of macquettes is from an earlier existing body of work which I am currently revisiting. Click on the images to see the full photograph. All photos © Nick Eames.




The full sized maquette of Kokopelli is now outside the chapel in Cilcain.



On the chapel railings Nick has left this description.


After making these pictures I sat with Nick in his studio talking about his work and made some informal portraits of him.


The shell the symbol of the Camino de Santiago is the inspiration for another work based on the North Wales pilgrims way from Holywell to Bardsey.


Images and text David Allen