‘Teulu’ / ‘Family’

I have developed ‘Teulu’ to symbolise a young family mother and two children. The children of Ysgol-Y-Foel primary school were involved in the building of the sculpture, and amongst the pictures there is a piece about the sculpture by one of the pupils.

The first slideshow shows the development of the maquette.

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The base has been cast, and both shuttering and form work for the sculpture have been prepared.

The images featured in this second slideshow were taken in late September, 2013.

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May 2014

Now the final moulds are prepared ready for the finished sculpture to be assembled.

In this sequence of pictures the moulds are being made and the children from the school have come to see the work and to add thumb prints to the clay stage of the “Child”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We acknowledge the donation from Hanson Cement, who are pleased to support this community project.

September 2018

I am currently assembling ‘Teulu’ in the garden, with a view to finding a suitable site for the cast piece – in cement, or bronze.


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