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Jade Jones Statue

Jade-Jones-maquette-web (1 of 1)

This is the final version of the maquette of Jade Jones, Taekwondo Olympic Champion 2012. I propose an over life-sized version, for a suitable site.


An article from the Flintshire Chronicle, November 8th 2012


Unilever Dragon Fly

Past commission, 1994 – Commissioned for Unilever Environmental Centre, Port Sunlight.

All images © Nick Eames

‘Dancer’ – Williamson Art Gallery, Birkenhead

The original was built in plaster and wax on a wire armature which turned on a plumb line around the now supporting toe. This was sculpted in the 2nd year at Art college 1981, and later cast into bronze.

One picture shows the original wax, and the other four photos show the standing bronze, height 3ft.

Images © Nick Eames



This is a maquette for a proposed monumental sculpture intended to commemorate all those who worked in the tough conditions of the North Wales mining industry.

It will be accompanied by an inscription which reads:

‘Roeddem yr llawer, roeddem yn un’ / ‘We were many, we were one’

With a model figure to show proposed scale of the final version.

Pictures © David Allen