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The garden during Helfa Gelf

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During the month of September I displayed my work in the garden in Cilcain.

Attached is a slideshow of the pieces on display for Helfa Gelf.

All photos © David Allen 2013


A new page has been added showing images of ‘Gull,’ which is shortly to be cast and placed in a beautiful setting in North Wales.

Thanks to James Bigglestone for the photographs.

‘The Oracle’

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I cast this maquette and am very excited by the quality of finish and colour. The original form comes from another found object this time a piece of tree bark.

Photos © David Allen 2013

‘Ddraig Goch’

Welsh Dragon -

Bronze maquette commissioned by Margaret Clement-Evans. Full sized version proposed for suitable site in Wales.

Welsh Dragon --2

With a model figure to show proposed scale of the final version.


New sculpture for Ysgol-Y-Foel…

The full sized sculpture is currently being built at my studio in Cilcain, and can be viewed throughout each weekend in September 2013 as part of Helfa Gelf.

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This is a maquette for a proposed monumental sculpture intended to commemorate all those who worked in the tough conditions of the North Wales mining industry.

It will be accompanied by an inscription which reads:

‘Roeddem yr llawer, roeddem yn un’ / ‘We were many, we were one’

With a model figure to show proposed scale of the final version.

Pictures © David Allen