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Restoration of Spelter figures, with Ewan Stell: Part 2

The restoration of two mid 19th century Spelter figures: The Reaper (‘Left Handed Luke’) and The Sower (‘Nearly Headless Nick‘) continues, with Studio Assistant Ewan Stell.

The slideshow below details the process so far, with captions for each image explaining the stages of the restoration.

Stay tuned to see the next stage of the restoration process…

‘The Gull’ arrives at Plas Newydd Tea Gardens

‘The Gull,’ constructed in steel and wire mesh, has been transported to Plas Newydd Tea Gardens, where it will soon be completed in situ as part of the upcoming ‘5 Senses Collective’ Exhibition (held on the weekends of the 4th/5th and 25th/26th of September, 2021, as part of the Clwydian Creatives Art Trail – click here for their Facebook page).

Visitors to the Tea Gardens will be able to observe Nick working on ‘The Gull’ in its final stages. The piece will be permanently installed at Plas Newydd in late autumn, once the garden plants die back, and before the arrival of the Shepherd’s Hut.

The slideshow below shows Nick, James, and Lucy Eames preparing and transporting the gull, together with Studio Assistant Ewan Stell, James Bigglestone, and Luke Griffiths.

The ‘5 Senses Collective’ combines a variety of different media, curated together in one beautiful space – set against the stunning backdrop of Moel Famau and the Clwydians. The Collective features:

Photography from James Biggs Photographyhttps://www.jamesbiggsphotography.com/
Fine art from Florence Bigglestone – https://www.instagram.com/floss_art/
Abstract sculpture from Nick Eames, Sculptorhttps://nickeamessculptor.com/
Abstract painting from Liz Eames Arthttps://www.lizeamesart.com/
Contemporary poetry from Tim Johnson – Trash Poetry

The Exhibition will be held from 11am-6pm on the 4th, 5th, 25th and 26th of September at:

Plas Newydd,

A delicious selection of cakes, coffees, and treats will be available at the Tea Gardens.

Restoration of Spelter figures, with Ewan Stell: Part 1

Nick is restoring two mid 19th century Spelter figures for his family, together with his Studio Assistant, Ewan Stell. Given the nature of the damage, we’ve named the two figures ‘Left Handed Luke’ and ‘Nearly Headless Nick.’

To restore these figures, Nick will carry out museum quality repairs, otherwise known as reversible repair. This involves the use of rust proof studding, epoxy resin, putty and adhesives. Not only is there no risk of destroying the original piece, but it is possible to differentiate between the restored sections and the original by X-ray. This method is preferable to welding – which risks destroying large areas of the original piece, and is irreversible (museums generally frown on welding as a method of restoration).

In these photographs, the two figures can be seen in Nick’s studio. Ewan is cleaning the figures before the restoration work begins.

Stay tuned to see the next stage of the restoration process…