The sculpture grows in the woods.


The final phase of casting the sculpture which is covered in the segments of moulds.



Viewing the work


Iliff considers the form of his commission created out of the core of a great tree.

Iliff and maquette-200057

Work progresses on a commission.

Here is a sketch of a commissioned work. The initial maquettes have been shown before.

Dry stone walls Jones July 2015 057

Studio sketch of the commissioned work as it could look when complete


Iliff and maquette-200074

The full sized version of the tallest piece in the group. From this a mould is taken.


Making the mould-1110108

Nick at work shaping the full sized model with clay prior to taking the mould. The first sections of the mould can be seen at the bottom of the picture.


Making the mould-1110125

The casting process begins.




Raising Teulu

The casting of the main body of Teulu complete it is lifted upright, Spring  2015


Mould making

Tim at work with part of the mould for Teulu

The start of a commissioned work.

A split section of a tree trunk has revealed the forms that will inspire this work. The pictures show an initial sketch, the timber pieces that provide the fuel for the ideas and an early macquette of one of the forms. To see the full picture click on the small images.







The Theatr Clwyd Exhibition opening